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The Sixtieth Anniversary Ceremony of SDWP

After 60 years’ eventful days, 60 years’ ups and downs, 60 years’ arduous explorations and 60 years’ unremitting pursuit, on the occasion of our confident greeting of the Party’s 19th National Congress, Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co. Ltd. observed the grand opening to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its founding themed “March forward courageously for sixty years and build our dream for Shandong Water Conservancy” at the broadcasting and TV station studio of Jining City on September 25th.

More than 300 attendees, including Mr. Liu Xiaojun, the general manager of Shuifa Group, Mr. Jia Baoli, the general manager, and Mr. Yang Bo, the secretary of the Party committee, as well as the leadership,representatives of cooperators, and staffs ofShandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony.

Time is like a song with glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn. Mr. Jia Baoli, the chairman and general manager of Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group, delivered a speech titled “March forward courageously for sixty years and build our dream for Shandong Water Conservancy”. Chairman Jia Baoli extended a warm welcome and sincere gratitude towards the guests present at the ceremony meeting. He made a brief retrospect of the 60 years’ glorious course of Shandong Water Conservancy, and expressed his sincere thanks to the leaders and cooperators of various levels that support the development of Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group for a long time, the members of all previous leadership who are brave to take on the responsibility and spare no effort in their public duties, and all of the company’s front-line staffs and their families. He also presented his will to continue the inheritance and promotion of the excellent traditional cultures of Shandong Water Conservancy and make the company shoulder the mission of “constructing water conservatory works and harnessing water to maintain our motherland prosperous andpeopleat peace; adding value and increasing efficiency to benefit the society” under the leadership ofand relying on the enormous funds and platform advantages provided by Shuifa Group. Guaranteed by its talent team, enterprise culture, and the liaisonbetween Party members and the masses, the company shall adhere to the theme of development based on project management and focus on financial management under the drive by technological innovation and support by information management. Further, hecommitted himself to build an international first class enterprise that integrate planning, investing and financing, survey and design, engineering construction, consultation and supervision, operation management, equipment manufacturing, production and research.

The superior leader expressed his caring and best wishes for the company. Mr. Liu Xiaojun, the general manager of Shuifa Group Co., Ltd., extended his warm congratulations to the sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group on behalf of Shuifa Group. He gave a highly appraisal of the contributions made by Shandong Water Conservancy to the water conservancy construction of the state during the sixty years and expressed his ardent expectations and demands for Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group to make more contributions to the “China Dream” of realizing the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation and the “two centenary goals” .

Recalling its source and history reveals the company’s achievements and increases staffs’ confidence.The 60’s anniversary celebration of Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group grandly held today is designed to trace the company’s historic track of development, inherit ancestors’ spiritual wealth of hard work for enterprising andcarry forward the glorious historical tradition of Shandong Water Conservancy. The celebration motivates all of the staffs of the company to make contributions to development and inherit the history in their posts and to brave hardship and forge ahead in unity to build the company’s hundred-year business with epoch-making courage and wisdom.

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