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SDWP Successfully Wins the Bid for Urban and Rural Water Supply Works for Jing’an County

On July 14th,Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co. Ltd.successfully won the bid for Lot 4 of the Urban and Rural Water Supply Works for Jing’an County, an engineering procurement construction project, at a contract amount of 285million yuan.

The main construction works include one water regulating reservoirof a holding capacity of 300,000m3; one water plant of a capacity of 12,000 m3/d; one water supply pipeline of 0.15km long; feed mains of 25.78km long; two distribution branch pipes of 28.84 km long in total; threehead tanks of a total capacity of 3000 m3; three booster pump stations, etc. The costs of engineering construction total about 250 million yuan.

Compared with the traditional contracting mode in which “engineering, procurement and construction” are separated, EPC general contracting mode is advantaged in that it helps to cut project costs, shorten construction period and ensure construction quality; the contractor is able to give full play to its leading role in design, which is conducive to realizing overall arrangement of construction and controlling the cost, progress and quality of project.


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